Family Law and Marital Issues

Family Law and Marital Issues are areas of the law that deal with family-related matters, domestic relations and marriage issues. It also refers to the many aspects of the legal relationships between family members, including marriage and divorce proceedings, the rights of children and rights to money and property in the event of separation. An example of this is contempt to enforce the payment of child support or whereby a party may want the granted time to spend with his/her children to be extended.


Hiring an experienced Fort Myers Family Law Attorney

If you are getting married, divorced, have a disagreement with your former spouse over child custody and support agreements, or dealing with legal issues related to child support, looking to create a new relationship by adopting a child, seeking to obtain a restraining order against an abusive spouse or family member or any of the troubles that confront families nowadays, you may need to hire a family law attorney. The decision to hire a family attorney is a serious one. You are putting your trust and confidence in this attorney, and this attorney should meet your expectations.


What we can offer you

The Law Office of Karla Y. Campos-Andersen Esq. P.A. understands that issues involving families are sensitive and emotional, and we are willing to assist you get past through it all and make certain that you receive a fair and just result. You will need an experienced attorney that is ready to work for you and understands that relationships are complex, and generally involve intricate human emotions. We are equipped to handle many facets of family and matrimonial law. Most importantly we are ready and willing to help in the areas of:

Divorce Alimony
Nuptial agreements Annulment
Property settlements Timesharing
Parenting plan Paternity
Grandparent visitation Child abuse
Alimony and Spousal Support Equitable distribution of assets and liabilities
Foster care Legal guardian
Contact & Visitation Child custody
Child Support Child abduction

Call us now and make an appointment for an initial consultation. We will be able to provide an honest assessment of your case after hearing your issue. We invite you to learn more about Karla Y. Campos-Andersen and her experience handling issues similar to yours.


Legal Advice Regarding Marital and Family Issues from a Fort Myers Law Firm

At the Law Office of Karla Y. Campos-Andersen Esq. P.A., we provide high quality legal advice in all matters related to Marital and Family Issues. If you or a loved one is facing a problem related to Marital and Family Issues:

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