Criminal Defense

In the field of criminal law, the entire burden to prove a crime falls on the government, as known as the State’s Attorney or Prosecutor. A Criminal Defense attorney is essential for any person accused of a criminal offense regardless of the nature of the crime. If you or someone you know has been arrested for a criminal felony or misdemeanor, hiring an experienced Fort Myers criminal defense attorney is vital to defending your rights.

What is a criminal defense case?

A criminal case is the prosecution of a person or an organization by the state, for committing a public wrong considered an offense. Standard of proof for convicting a person of committing a crime is higher than those of civil wrongs. The burden the State has to meet for all accused crimes is one of “Beyond a Reasonable Doubt.” A person accused of a criminal offense will require a knowledgeable defense attorney to represent him in a court of law. Any accused person is legally presumed innocent until proven otherwise in a court. A person can only be guilty by either pleading guilty of the crime or by being convicted through a trial.


Every person has a right to defend themselves. A person can do this by having a lawyer try to prove his innocence or try to negotiate for a fair sentence if the person pleads guilty. The work of the prosecution side is to try to convince the jury of the defendant’s guilt beyond reasonable doubt; if the prosecutor fails to this, the defendant is found not guilty.

Why do I need a criminal defense attorney?

A criminal defense attorney can give different explanations on the occurrence of the crime or introduce alternative theories regarding the committed crime. Casting doubt on evidence presented by the prosecution side and discrediting witnesses from the prosecution. Your criminal defense attorney can try to prove the incompetence of the defendant to commit a crime by having the client evaluated for mental wellness and sometimes showing the Defendant was insane when the crime occurred. 


Your criminal defense attorney can present alibi defense which is evidence that shows the defendant was in a different place other than the scene of the crime when the crime was being committed. The attorney can prove a defendant committed a crime as a result of self-defense under reasonable conditions. The attorney may prove the crime to have been committed under entrapment; this is where a person commits a crime as a result of an induction by the government.

Types of criminal attorneys

Criminal attorneys can be classified into two groups; private attorneys and public defenders. The main difference between the two is that the fee and costs of private criminal defense attorneys are usually paid by the client and this gives the clients the privilege to make a choice on who represents them. A case is usually assigned to a public defender by the judge or the public defender’s office. Public defenders work for the government as well.

What we can do for you

As your criminal defense attorney, the Law office of Karla y. Campos-Andersen will advocate and deal with the issues surrounding your arrest, investigation, and criminal charges. We will deal with the issues of the crimes with which you are charged, litigate on the evidence presented by the prosecution and determine if the laws were followed in conjunction with your charge. Working on your behalf we will review the charges and the police reports with a watchful eye to ensure that there were no Constitutional violations. This may stop charges from ever being filed when you are being investigated or are arrested.

If you hire our firm, if necessary we will perform our own investigation and present our evidence to the court and offer different explanations of the events. This may result in the charges not being filed by the prosecutor. If there are no constitutional violations or defense, we will then turn to negotiation. We will work to arrange a deal or plea bargain to mitigate your sentence and have you deal with the least amount of penalties as possible.

We provide representation in the following areas:

Expungments / Sealing of Records Driving with license suspended or no license
Violation of Probation Driving Under the Influence (DUI)
Order of protections Offence against the person
Crimes against property Assault & Battery
Criminal negligence False imprisonment
Kidnapping Sexual Assault


Legal Advice Regarding Criminal Defense from a Fort Myers Law Firm

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